How This Reddit Joke Saved Lives

Back in November, 2012, a Reddit user posted a joke on his feed about a guy who used his girlfriend’s pregnancy test kit on himself and found positive results.

What he posted as a joke on the site suddenly became a center of discussion and he was immediately advised to go to the doctor because he might have had TESTICULAR CANCER!

In fact, pregnancy tests give positive results on the detection of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), the same hormone that is produced in some testicular cancer patients.

The same Redditor later posted that the friend who had inspired his joke immediately went to the doctor and found a small tumor in his right testicle which was removed. He thanked the Redditors for their advice.

But this test can’t be considered as a reliable test for detecting Testicular Cancer, say, researchers, because only a minority of patients produce HCG and sometimes even non-cancerous conditions may lead to positive results and cause panic.

You can browse the internet for other symptoms of Testicular Cancer and immediately consult a physician in case you are in doubt.

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