Flipkart Wishmaster Stabbed 40 Times For Late Delivery

A Flipkart delivery guy was stabbed 40 times by a woman who was assisted by her brother in the incident. They also tried to strangle him to death with a shoelace. They also robbed him off ₹40,000 in cash which he had collected from his previous deliveries.

The woman is identified as Kamal Deep (30). She stabbed the wishmaster and tried to kill him out of anger with her brother Jitender Singh (32) and dropped him near a drain

The wishmaster Keshav (28) who is currently hospitalized has said in a statement that he received frequent calls on March 21 from this lady who had ordered a mobile phone of price ₹11,000 through Flipkart. The woman was angry a the delivery being late. When he went to deliver the phone in Delhi’s Nihal Vihar area, where she lived, she opened the door and almost ran to her kitchen shouting in anger, to fetch the knife. Her brother who was also present, heard the noise and when he came to the site, she told him either to stay away or help her. Together they stabbed un and strangled him to death and afterward dumbed him near a drain.

The duo were arrested based on this statement. The incident was also proven by a CCTV Camera in the locality that showed the wishmaster entering the apartment and after sometime the duo dragging him out.

This incident has raised serious questions about the security of delivery persons who have to go even to dangerous areas to deliver goods.

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