6 things you’re gonna miss after completing your graduation

Whether you have finished college or you’re about to enter one, one thing is for sure, you will witness some drastic changes in your life.

Attending a college not only develops your overall personality but exposes you to hundred different things that you’ll come across in life. College education, the environment and the rigorous training your institution puts you through yields great benefits later in life.

You get a job and your lifestyle changes. There are deadlines, responsibilities, etc, basically, your life changes and turns upside down when you graduate and leave your college.

So, enjoy the good ride as long as it lasts because there’s a whole new world waiting out there for you.

  • Midnight celebrations

You’ll miss your late night parties or the surprises you’ve been giving to your friends. That was possible until you were in college because once you start working – either you can reach work on time or celebrate the whole night and be late to work.

  • All-nighters

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While college was fun both during the day and at night, it all changes after graduation. After graduating, those full of fun all-nighters are over because you have to work even on Saturdays.


  • Friends

After graduation, you and your friends no longer live in the same city. You meet new people and start to hang out with them but for the most part, you miss tose those nights spent with your best friends.

  • Carelessness

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It’s easy to take risks, behave foolishly, and indulge in childish acts when you’re answerable to no one. Once you’re a graduate, you attain maturity and behave accordingly because you know that your every move matters now and affects the surroundings around you. You’re not used to such responsibilities, and so you often miss those days when you did not know even know the meaning of responsibilities.

  • Your world, your clock

When in college, you don’t know what a clock looks like, but once you graduate, you’re bound to follow a clock which functions according to the world around you. You don’t have anything to attend to while in college and can keep up with the all-nighters but once you’re out of college, all kinds of different things are at play, and you are supposed to respect them.

  • Casuals

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Talk about the casual attitude you used to carry all around the campus or the casual wear that you sported for classes. You will have to bid farewell to it all. You will have to abide by professional ethics.

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